Wind Damage

Wind Damage and Your Roof

Wind damage can lead to costly sheetrock repairs. Wind is one of the most common types of damage found on asphalt shingle roofs even though they start at a 60 mph manufacture limited wind warranty. One of the issues that are commonly not addressed is that over the life of a shingle, they become more brittle every day with age, leaving them endlessly becoming more susceptible to wind damage. It would not be surprising to see a 20 year old three tab shingle receive damage from 50 mph wind gusts. There are other reasons for this such as climate, ventilation, and installation. The warmer the roof gets through the year, the faster it will begin to weaken. The same goes with a lack of ventilation. If a roof is improperly ventilated, the attic will be much warmer – essentially cooking the shingles from both the bottom and the top. The installation is one of the most essential parts of the roofing process. If shingles are not nailed properly, you will be left with a variety of problems. An over driven nail from the compressor having too much pressure will leave the shingles susceptible to wind damage because the shingle would then be unsecured. A perfect example of this is when it appears that sections of the shingles are sliding down the roof because there is nothing securing the shingles down to the decking. An under driven nail will leave the shingle sticking up due to the nail head being raised. This allows for wind and small debris to blow underneath the shingle and eventually it will fly off with a decent amount of wind pressure. To prevent this, we hold our crews accountable and have a project leader on every jobsite to check for quality. If you are looking to have your wind damaged roof repaired, we will be able to provide you with an onsite professional opinion of why your shingles are flying off and quickly have repairs made to eliminate any further water damages.

How Kresta Roofing helps you with Wind damage

Once we are called to the scene we determine the extent of the damage with the help of our trained staff. Once we understand what needs to be done, we help you understand. We report the cost and time it will take to make the repairs. Once we receive approval to start working we isolate the areas of damage and begin working on the necessary repairs.

once work is completed on your roof we give you our 10 year warranty to ensure that any additional damage due to any failure of our repair we will fix at no additional charge.

we value the safety of everyone beneath one of our roofs above all else.