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Standing Seam Metal Roofs

“Metal Roof” is a general term used to describe a variety of metal roofing systems.

Your basic metal roofing panel can be picked up at your local hardware store. These are commonly Corrugated or R-panel, which are a very simple system that are screwed down through the face of the panel with screws. There are two problems with this type of roof that make them less desirable. Your roof will breathe with changing temperatures, continuously expanding and contracting the panels. This leads us into the first issue with this type of roofing system. As the metal roofing panels expand and contract, the screws stay tightly secured into the decking. As the metal moves in different directions, it pushes and pulls the metal around the screws in different directions causing the metal around the screws to eventually become larger than the screw hole, leaving an entry point for water to enter your home. The screws recommended by most manufacturers have a rubber gasket under the head of the screw to prevent water from entering these points. This leads us into the second issue with this type of roofing system. The gaskets under the head of the screws keep the water out of these small penetrations in the roof but the sun will eventually eat these rubber gaskets up allowing water to enter. For this reason, we will often receive requests to have all of the screws on the roof removed and replaced with larger screws, containing larger gaskets. We also receive requests to have all of the screws sealed with a professional grade roofing sealant and even receive requests to have the whole entire roof sealed with a sealant. In our experience, this type of roofing system is less desirable than a shingle roof due to the high amount of maintenance necessary to keep them water tight.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Systems:

Standing seam has captured a lot of attention as homeowners desire a product that is beautiful, cost efficient, and will protect their home for a long time. A standing seam panel is flat with vertical legs on each side. Clips are used in this type of roofing system to eliminate penetrations in the panels. The clip runs over the vertical leg of the panel, down the side of the panel and then flat onto the decking. Once a fastener clip is installed, it is screwed down to the decking. This is what keeps the panel from uplift. The beauty of this roofing system is that the fastener and screws are completely concealed after the next panel is placed down. Unlike the face screwed metal roofing systems, you will not have issues with gaskets wearing out or enlarging screw holes in your panels that lead to leaks. The process of a standing seam roof involves first picking out a color of your choice. With over forty colors to choose from, we have something that will change the beauty of your home. Secondly, we can run different types of lines or indentions as the panel comes out of our machinery. Our team will provide you with different photos of options that are most fitting to your home. These runs in the panels will help prevent waviness in the flat portion of the panel. After tearing off your roof, we have the panels formed on site by our highly trained and professional crew. The metal trim for your roof is created with a metal break at our office. When it all comes together, your home will be left with a product built to outlast almost any roofing system on the market. Approximately double the price as a traditional shingle roof, standing seam roofing systems are our top cost-effective pick for a lifetime roofing system.

We use the highest quality exterior finishes available.

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Picking the right color can be difficult,
our reps can provide you with real
product samples.

( Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000™ COLOR FINISHES )

All colors applied by Berridge are premium fluoropolymer
coatings produced with full strength Kynar 500® or
Hylar 5000™ resin. Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000™
affords maximum exterior durability due to its
outstanding resistance to ultraviolet radiation. Full strength
Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000™ color finishes
carry a twenty year guarantee against cracking, peeling
and fade (not to exceed 5 N.B.S. units). These are the
highest quality exterior finishes available!
The link on the left consists of available colors.
Samples of colors will be provided.