Our Guarantee:
We stand behind our products and services.
It’s our profession AND our family’s reputation.

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Kresta Roofing has honored 100% of its warranties issued. We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity in the roofing industry.
There are many types of warranties that we offer and we even have options for manufacturing warranties based on the product that you are having installed. The three most basic warranties that are offered are:

Shingle roof replacement – 5 year warranty
Metal roof replacement – 10 year warranty
TPO roof replacement – 10 year warranty.

We offer many other warranties based upon what product is being installed and what the product is being installed over. Please speak with one of our reps if you have questions on a specific type of warranty not stated above.

Our most common roofing warranty issued:
This warranty shall cover faulty workmanship.

The following items/areas are covered by our warranty program:
This warranty shall cover only faulty workmanship and shall not extend to damage to the roofing caused by hurricane, lightning, hailstorms, extreme winds, settlement, acts of third parties, and any acts of nature or any other cause beyond Kresta Roofing and Consulting, LLC’s control. This warranty shall not extend to leaks caused by faulty chimneys, gutters or carpenter work. This warranty program covers workmanship done by Kresta Roofing and Consulting, LLC only. Manufacture defects are covered by manufacturer’s limited warranty and any complaints or claims must be directed to manufacture or distributor. We will assist you in filing your claim with the manufacturer. If home owner, another roofing company, or anyone other than a representative/employee Kresta Roofing and Consulting, LLC performs, alters, or attempts to repair a leak or blown shingle before Kresta Roofing and Consulting, LLC is allowed to remedy the problem this warranty will be null and void Kresta Roofing and Consulting, LLC will not be held liable for damage to roof or property of homeowner.
This warranty will not be honored until all payments that are due are settled.

If any type of foundation leveling, remodeling, restructuring or tampering of any kind, etc… is done to home, roof or surroundings of home by a contractor, construction crew/lawn care crew, any company other than Kresta Roofing and Consulting, LLC or homeowner and it has adversely affected the integrity, durability, longevity, appearance, or compromised the roof in any way as installed by Kresta Roofing and Consulting, LLC this warranty will be immediately null and void. If ownership of property is ever changed, this warranty will provide coverage for one year after completion date of repairs. Kresta Roofing and Consulting, LLC will not be held liable for damage to roof or property of homeowner caused by contractor, construction crew, homeowner or any one that is NOT a representative/employee of Kresta Roofing and Consulting, LLC. If there are any questions concerning any portion of this warranty program, feel free to contact Kresta Roofing and Consulting, LLC.

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