Types Of Roof Damage

Kresta Roofing is prepared to fix as many types of roof damages as possible. Here are just some of the kinds of damages we repair.

Many homeowners don’t expect the wind to be something they need to worry about when it comes to natural disasters and the damage it can do to your roof, but the wind brings many dangers along with it.

Large debris thrown about by strong winds, uprooted foundations, and downed power lines are just some of the dangers brought about by strong winds.

Even in Texas we receive our share of hail and while it’s uncommon; its impact on your roof shouldn’t be ignored. Hail as small as a dime or a quarter are enough to cause serious damage to your roof. You should have your roof looked at after hail storms to ensure that no serious damage has occurred.

Branches falling onto the roof

Broken parts of trees falling on to the roof due to wind or storms is the most common way for trees to damage your home’s roof, it happens without warning and the damage can vary depending on the size of the tree and branches.

Growing into the roof

Trees grow naturally over time and sometimes branches begin to poke into your roof, given enough time these can be a source of serious damage to your roof.

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Hurricanes are one of the most destructive natural disasters for your roof to go through. It has all the dangers of strong winds with the added bonus of water damage thrown into the mix. The extent of the damage can vary depending on the severity of the storm and the state of your roof before the storm. After a hurricane you should look out for leaks in your roof, damaged or missing shingles, and any other strong visible damage.