Hail Damage

Hail Damage to Roofs

We understand that it can be very difficult and stressful trying to decide what to do after a hailstorm. The first step is very simple; give us a call. When you call in, you will be greeted by our friendly staff that will schedule a Free Inspection for you with one of our certified inspectors. We will take pictures and give you a full report of what damage occurred and what needs to be done to repair it as well as the time and costs of the repairs. This is information that will help you if you file an insurance claim.

Hail can damage many areas of your property other than your roof such as windows, fencing, garage doors, air conditioners, gutters, personal property and much more. As a general contractor, we are able to take care of any item that is damaged on your home. Our staff members have a trained eye for these items, as we have licensed insurance adjusters within our company. We will take the stress off of your shoulders. After we have verified the damage on your property, we can assist you in answering questions that your insurance company may ask while you are filing your claim. Your insurance company will set up a meeting for an inspector to look at your roof to diagnose the damages and create an estimate based on the scope of damages. Our inspector will meet with your adjuster and verify the damages that were found. You will soon receive an estimate from your adjuster that may not make a lot of sense the way it is written but we will sit down with you and make sure that everything becomes clear.

As a family owned company, we set very high standards for our team and will make the whole process, from meeting your adjuster to restoring your property a pleasant experience. If you have been denied coverage on your property for any reason, we may be able to help you get coverage on your loss with a qualified adjuster. No matter what your situation is, it all starts with one phone call.

How Kresta Handles Hail Damage

Once we’ve assessed your roof’s damage and are given the go ahead; we will send our team out to your house. If we’re doing a repair job, we will bring materials that match the existing roof so you can’t see where the repairs were done. We will replace the areas of damage and inspect for any more compromised areas. Your insurance company, if approved, may want to replace the entire roof instead of repairing it. It all depends on the age of the roof and the level of damage it suffered. If we need to replace the entire roof we will; remove the old roof, check the structure underneath, repair any structural elements, and install a brand new roof.

half inch diameter hail

Half Inch Diameter Hail

one inch diameter hail

One Inch Diameter Hail

golf ball sized hail

Golf Ball Sized Hail

“How fast does hail fall? One estimate is that a small hailstone roughly 1/2 inch in diameter falls at about 20 mph … while baseball- to softball-sized stones can reach speeds near a major league fastball — 100 mph.”

U.S. National Weather Service (NWS)

Hail Damage Signs

Asphalt Roof – look for fallen shingles, loose or curled shingles, and dislodged granules on the ground. The loss of granules on an asphalt roof means that the shingles are “bruised” or torn. This can lead to exposed areas that are vulnerable to the elements and are weakened.

Metal Roof – look for any dents, scratches, or holes in the metal. They may be hard to see from the ground so you can look for any damage to the gutters. If your gutters have damage then your roof most likely will have damage as well. Dents, scrapes, and holes in the metal could lead to rust and leaks over time.

Tile and Slate Roof – These may be strong roofs capable of taking a lot of punishment but they can still be damaged. Look for any broken tile pieces on the ground. Even if the tiles don’t break they can still be cracked. A crack will allow moisture to seep in and weaken that area. Also, look out for any chipped corners or edges which can be a sign of more damage that you can’t see from the ground.

If you suspect that you have hail damage or are just worried that there may be damage; call Kresta Roofing and schedule a free inspection.