Top 5 Benefits of Installing Metal Roofing in San Antonio


etal roofs are surging in popularity amongst San Antonio homeowners. If you’re weighing your roofing options, what are the key advantages of metal roofing? This article will highlight the top 5 benefits:

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This article will cover:

Read on to learn more about how a metal roof can optimize performance and aesthetics for your San Antonio area home.



etal roofing lasts much longer than asphalt shingles and other materials. Lifespans of 50+ years are achievable when properly installed by an experienced contractor like Kresta Roofing. You’ll avoid frequent roof replacements.

Energy Efficiency

Metal reflects sunlight rather than absorbing heat, allowing your home to stay cooler. A metal roof can lower air conditioning bills by up to 25% versus asphalt shingles.

Design Flexibility

Beyond classic standing seam metal panels, options like metal shingles and tiles allow you to mimic slate, cedar shake, clay and other designs. This aesthetic versatility makes it easy to complement your home’s architecture.

Fire resistance


etal roofing is non-combustible and rated Class A fire resistant per UL 790 standards. This provides homeowners with added peace of mind.


M etal is recyclable. Unlike asphalt shingles, metal roofing won’t end up in landfills. This makes metal a great choice if you want to reduce your environmental impact.

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