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US Tile Roofing (Clay and Concrete Tile)

Concrete tile roofing comes in a variety of styles and colors to choose from. Concrete tile roofs offer longevity and beauty to your home as a final finishing touch that can make a home look really sharp. Some key perks to this type of roofing system are that they have a high impact hail rating, they do not rot, are insect resistant, and generally raise the resale value of your home. We typically install this type of roofing system on higher end homes due to it being one of the more expensive roofing systems on the market. Before becoming interested in a concrete tile roof, you will want to verify that your home is built for a concrete tile roof. If your home was not structurally engineered and built for a heavy roofing material, you probably are not eligible for this type of roofing system unless you were to have your home re-framed and reinforced to support the additional weight.

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Boral Roofing has the most extensive choice of profiles and styles of clay roofing tiles in the nation, ranging from traditional mission style barrel tiles to flat tiles that deliver the aesthetics of natural slate and wood shake.