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Shingles are the most common and cost efficient roofing system that we offer in a variety of colors. This is one of the first options that we will offer to you if applicable due to the lower price. A basic shingle roofing system will cost approximately half the amount that a standing seam metal roof would. With that being said, there are also designer shingles that will cost more than a metal roof. We offer a five year workmanship warranty on shingle roofing systems. Three-tab shingles are the most basic shingle that we offer, backed by a twenty five year manufactures material warranty and a sixty mph. wind warranty. Laminated shingles are the next step up from the most basic three-tab roofing system, often ranging from as little as $500 – $1,000 more on a residential roof. Choosing this heavier laminated shingle roofing system will bump your twenty five year manufactures material warranty up to a thirty year material warranty and also a 110 mph. wind warranty. Laminated shingles are a much better roofing system by value, making it our most popular roofing system by price, quality and esthetics.

SUPREME® Shingles
(25 Year Shingles)

Supreme three-tab shingles are the basic, smart choice when you want to balance weather resistance and value. A wide range of colors are available.

(30 Year Shingles)

Oakridge laminated shingles have a warm, inviting look in popular colors for a step up from traditional three-tab shingles. With an expanded Oakridge shingle color palette, we provide a unique blend of artistry and craftsmanship that will give your home a look that is anything but ordinary.