Tree Damage Roof Repair

tree damage roof repair company san antonio texasThere are two main reasons that trimming your trees can help your roof out. The first, most important reason is to prevent branches making contact with your shingles. Day by day, night by night, wind will continue to move the branches back and forth. The small branch doesn’t seem like it could be harmful but this continuous movement will slowly but surely create a hole in your shingles from a term that we refer to as “tree rub”. Once a hole is created, it is very possible for water to then enter into your home and leave you with costly sheetrock repairs. The second motive is to help prevent animals from climbing onto your roof. Squirrels, possums, raccoons, etc. have easy access to your rooftop when the branches are hanging. Once they reach your rooftop, you may hear a clawing noise, especially during the cooler months when they want to access the warmth of your home. Our recommendation to prevent tree rub is to have your branches cut back approximately five feet back from your roof. Keep an eye on it from time to time. If you see branches in the three foot range from your roof, you know it’s time to have the branches trimmed back again.

How Tree damage occurs

Branches falling onto the roof

Broken parts of trees falling on to the roof due to wind or storms is the most common way for trees to damage your home’s roof, it happens without warning and the damage can vary depending on the size of the tree and branches.

Growing into the roof

Trees grow naturally over time and sometimes branches begin to poke into your roof, given enough time these can be a source of serious damage to your roof.

How Kresta Roofing helps with Tree damage

Kresta Roofing in San Antonio has handled hundreds of cases where trees have fallen onto houses because of storms or strong winds. We understand how serious and concerning it may be to have a tree fall onto your house.

We arrive on the scene as soon as possible and safely assess the extent of the damages caused by the tree. Once we finish our examination we provide you with a report on what needs to be done in order to remove the tree and repair your roof. We safely extract the tree from the site and then begin repairs on the roof to make it as good as new. After the repairs you are provided with a 10 year warranty to ensure any further damages as a result of our craftsmanship are repaired at no cost to you.