Hurricane Damage Roof Repair

Natural disasters come in all shapes and sizes and we learned that all too well after Hurricane Harvey came rolling through the Texas Gulf Coast. The storm system left a trail of damage to most of the coastal region and even some effects a hundred miles inland. The damage ranged from houses totally destroyed to missing a few shingles on the roof. Harvey was a storm that started small and nobody really took seriously to a rapidly growing power cell that seemed to gain a category every few hours as it got closer to its landfall in Rockport Texas. While the middle coast was left to pick up the damage left in the wake of Harvey’s 130 mph winds the upper coast was still getting pummeled with what would end up being 50 inches of rain. Tragically 62 people lost their lives in this disaster. When you think of hurricane damage you think of the pictures shown on the television with houses completely destroyed to the point nothing is left. There is nothing we can do right after a storm for homeowners that lost everything except hand out the essentials for living. We saw the need for immediate repairs for many customers in the coastal bend area, especially Port Aransas where we first stopped to help friends that called for help. We arrived in Port Aransas to help a couple of friends tarp their roofs until the damage could be inspected by their insurance. We were the first company to show up and had people flocking to our crews to ask for help with their needs. We saw the need and immediately sent more crews to the Port Aransas area to assist as many people as possible. We never asked for a down payment upfront; we waited until insurance claims were filed to bill the insurance company for our services. At that moment money wasn’t our concern. We saw the raw power a hurricane could possess. From houses completely demolished, debris embedded in the roof, shingles missing, and roofs torn away. The damage varied house to house, neighborhood to neighborhood. As sad as it was to see families lose everything it was also amazing to see how Texans came together as a group to help these people get back on their feet. We at Kresta Roofing are proud to say that we had a part in rebuilding dreams down on the Texas coast.

How Kresta Roofing fixes hurricane damage.

Once we arrive at the scene we first access the damage done by the wind and by the water. Once our trained professional finishes with your roof inspection they will give you a report on the extent of the damages as well as the time and costs of the repairs. We will work to isolate the areas of damage and begin replacing and repairing those areas. We also ensure that we locate all areas where leaks are in the roof and that they are properly repaired.