New skylight options that we have available for you!

Hey guys Clayton Kresta with Kresta Roofing I’ve got David with Velux skylights and I just wanted to show you all a few things that we can do with with skylights and some of the technologies that we’re working in.  go ahead David. good afternoon everybody we had two different types of skylights here one is a self last unit that typically replaces an acrylic bubble dome the second type that we have here is a deck mount a deck mount venting unit that operates through the use of a solar panel down below the first one will go back to the cell flash again now this is equipped with a solar powered shade that you can control the light and control the amount of heat coming through the skylight or also in the wintertime it helps to lower the shade to keep the warm air in the house. it includes a nail fin all the way around it so it’s really easy to install. moving over to the venting unit this particular unit is good for any time you’re building when you’re building a new home and you’re wanting to let some natural light you know into the space. it is also great for venting you’re letting fresh air into the space and I’ll open this up for you it’s all done with a remote control. no everything’s done automatically down here if you’re wondering if if it rains what happens to the skylight well this particular pad right here actually here’s rain it doesn’t actually feel it so it listens to anything that falls on your roof including raindrops and in that event it will close the skylight automatically so if you forget to close it and it starts raining us automatically gonna shut for you. that’s correct. well that’s correct very cool.