Roof Replacement In Converse TX

Kresta Roofing, a roofing company, replaced a old residential asphalt shingle roof located in Converse, TX. With many roofing options to choose from, the client decided to have their roof replaced with traditional asphalt shingles, which is a great option that offers high performance for a low cost.

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Worn Asphalt Shingle Removal

Work began early Monday morning with Kresta’s roofing crew working rapidly to remove the old asphalt shingles and any old underlayment down to the bare decking. Simultaneously while removing the old roof, new roofing materials were brought in and stacked along the ridge of the roof in preparation of installation. The old roofing material was thrown in a trailer, hauled off, and properly disposed of.

Roofing crew removing ashphalt shingles near Converse, TX
Roofing crew removing ashphalt shingles near Converse, TX

Exposed Flashing & Shingle Removal

Roofing crew removing ashphalt shingles near Converse, TX

Asphalt Shingle Removal

Old Shingle Disposal

Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement

Installing A Shingle Roof In Converse, TX

Ready For A New Roof That’s Built To Last

Kresta Roofing worked relentlessly to finish this residential roofing project. While remnants of the old roof was being removed, Kresta’s roofing crew worked to install the new roof on the opposite end. The new underlayment was ready for the placement of new asphalt shingles. The underlayment provides an even and smooth surface to layer shingles. It also works as weather resistant leak barrier to prevent moisture from compromising the integrity of your roof. Kresta installed GAF brand roofing shingles, which are engineered to meet and even exceed industry standards as a durable asphalt shingle roofing option. This roofing project was completed in approximately a days work.

Benefits Of A Asphalt Shingle Roof

  • Cost Effective
  • Lightweight
  • Algae Resistant
  • Easy To Install
  • Easy To Replace
Installing A Shingle Roof In Converse, TX

Installing GAF Brand Shingles

Roofing ridge cap shingles and attic vent

New Ridge Cap Shingles

Completed asphalt roofing

The New Asphalt Roof

New installed asphalt shingle roof in Converse, TX

Completed Roof

If you’re in need of a roof replacement, Kresta Roofing offers free roof inspections and a free estimate. If you choose to have Kresta Roofing install GAF brand roofing shingles with qualifying GAF brand accessories, you may qualify for a 50 year limited manufacturer warranty. Just ask us for more details.

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