One of our recently finished roofs in Port Aransas, TX. Every roof we install in Port Aransas is inspected by an engineer to ensure that it is windstorm rated. There is no better choice than Kresta Roofing.
We came down to Port Aransas shortly after Hurricane Harvey hit to help the Business owners and residents.
City leaders there say Hurricane Harvey damaged 100 percent of the town’s businesses and 85 percent of the town’s homes.
Once we arrive at the scene we first access the damage done by the wind and by the water. Once our trained professional finish with your roof inspection they will give you a report on the extent of the damages as well as the time and costs of the repairs. We will work to isolate the areas of damage and begin replacing and repairing those areas. we also ensure that we locate all areas where leaks are in the roof and that they are properly repaired.