5 Reasons To Hire A Professional Roofer Rather Than DIY

Your roof is one of your home’s first defenses against the elements. Proper roof maintenance is important to keep your roof healthy and extend its longevity. You may need to repair your roof from time to time due to damage caused by hail, tree limbs, wind, rain, and age. When a repair is needed you might consider doing it yourself but that could cause a bigger and more expensive problem in the long run. DIY is okay for some projects but hiring a professional roofing contractor is the best and safest thing for you to do. Here are 5 of the most important reasons to hire a roofer for all repairs instead of DIY.

01 – It’s Dangerous

Climbing onto your roof seems simple enough; get a long ladder and climb on up. However it’s going to get a little scary once you climb the ladder and your head reaches roof height. Once up there; you’ll realize how far up you really are and how great your roof’s pitch is. The pitch is the steepness of the roof and it may be too steep for you to walk on it.

Image of man falling off a shingle roof
Image of visible roof damage on a shingle roof

Visible Roof Damage, Possible Structural Damage

Even if the roof is relatively flat it may still be too dangerous for you to safely walk on it. Remember, you’re up there to fix damage that you can see but what about the damage you can’t see? There may be wood rot in the structure under the shingles. You could cause more damage walking on a weak area and you could hurt yourself in the process. Despite all of this possible danger, you haven’t even tried to fix anything yet. If climbing the ladder and mounting the roof is difficult; imagine how much harder it will be carrying supplies and tools. Leave the repair to professional roofers that have the knowledge and experience to safely and properly repair your roof.

02 – Tools & Equipment

Image of professional roofers with safety gear and tools

Roof repairs need more than just shingles, nails, and a hammer. More damage will occur if repairs are made with inadequate or improper tools. First off, safety first again. Professional roofers will come equipped with safety harnesses, helmets, work boots, and respirators. They’ll bring extension ladders with a high weight capacity and ladder hooks for stability. Their main equipment will consist of: pneumatic roofing nail gun, air compressor, hammer tacker stapler, pry bars, roof shovel, drill, circular saw, and many more items depending on the type of roof you have.

You can rent or buy these tools but it’s probably less expensive if you hire a roofer that already has all their own equipment. You’ll also be hiring their knowledge and experience. Roofers understand the tools and the entire roofing system. Instead of just replacing a few shingles, they will also inspect and (repair if necessary), the underlayment and the roof deck. While up there they will also search for any other loose or damaged shingles, nail pops, flashings, and sagging areas. An area that sags means there is structural damage that needs to be fixed immediately. The roofer can identify these needed repairs and save you any further damage. Professional repairs and yearly maintenance will be less expensive in the long run compared to a complete roof replacement.

Image of tools used for professional roofing

Do you have the right roofing tools?

03 – Supplies

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We covered the tools you need but supplies are needed as well. Repairing a shingled roof requires shingles. When buying shingles you want to make sure that the new shingles match the color of the old ones. A repair job with unmatching shingles will stand out like a sore thumb. If you intend to sell your house, prospective buyers will be put off knowing that the roof has been repaired and not professionally. Also once you decide on the shingles you need, you’ll have to buy a bundle of them even if you only need a few of them. A bundle consists of 26 to 29 shingles and can cost from $30 to $100. That’s a big expense if you only need 4 or 5 shingles. A roofer will buy the bundle and charge you for the portion you used or maybe have some left over from another job that suits your house. A roofer will also have the correct nails, flashings, and sealants for a proper repair.

04 – Time And Frustration

A professional roofer can get the job done quickly. This is their job and they know how to do it best. Have you ever tried a DIY project and realized it took a lot longer than you expected? Inexperience made you research over and over how to do things and several extra trips to the hardware store for unexpected surprises that popped up along the way. You’re also under a time crunch when it comes to repairing a roof. You don’t have time to start a repair and put it off to another day when you have more time. An exposed roof to the elements can cause more damage than there already is. Hire a roofer to start and finish it as soon as possible. In the end you’ll save time and be at peace knowing the roof above your head is secure.

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05 – Insurance And Warranties

Your home insurance will take care of your roof if it is damaged during a storm or other weather situation. However, your claim may be denied if you damaged the roof while working on it yourself. Your insurance company will deny any coverage since you took the responsibility of your roof into your own hands instead of relying on a professional roofer.

Image of a home insurance claim form

What does your home insurance cover?

It’s important to double check the warranty details

The manufacturing warranty and the original roofing company’s warranty might also be voided if you do your own roofing repairs. Whether you have a shingle, metal, or tile roof; the manufacturer expects you to have it installed by a professional. They will void the warranty if it’s installed by anyone else. The original roofer’s warranty will also be voided since they don’t want to pay for someone else’s shoddy work.

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