Helping Your Roof Battle the Elements

It’s important for Texas homeowners to understand how bad weather impacts the strength of your roof. Your roof is the main defense against the elements but it needs you to protect it so it can continue doing its job properly for as long as it can. Yearly or seasonal roof maintenance is the most important factor in extending your roof’s longevity. In this article, we’ll discuss Texas weather, how it affects your roof, and how you can protect your roof.

1 – Winter Roof Damage

Texas may not get as cold as other states but we do experience cold temperatures and the occasional freeze. This year we had a few freezes and then quickly warmed up. This type of temperature change can lead to “thermal shock”. Thermal shock is when your roof contracts in cold temperatures and then expands in warm temperatures. In certain Texas regions, we can go from temperatures in the 30s to the 80s in a couple of days. This extreme fluctuation shocks your roof and can cause seams to crack and open up. Asphalt shingles can also become brittle in this process. It’s important to have your roof inspected after winter to repair any damage because before you know it, the rainy season will begin.

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2 – Rain Damage

Texas has experienced a large amount of rainfall so far in 2023. Water can easily enter through any damaged areas on your roof that weren’t repaired after winter. The trouble with water damage is that you usually don’t know about it until you have a leak in the house. By that time, your roof has suffered severe damage and costly repairs are needed. Have your roof inspected early in the rainy season and have any repairs tended to before more storms hit your area. Some clues you can look for on your own without getting on the roof are to look for shingle fragments or granules on the ground, clogged gutters, and broken tree limbs that may have hit your roof.

3 – Hail Damage

Several recent thunderstorms in April and May have produced hail ranging in size from peas to golf balls. Hail can damage any kind of roofing material like shingles, standing seam metal, tile, and slate. Hail can dent metal, crack tile and slate, and puncture shingles; all of which can lead to the eventual leak. Hail is unpredictable and the only prevention you can take is making sure your roof is in good condition before and after the hailstorm.

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4 – Wind Damage

High winds are common during a bad storm but they can also occur without a storm. Strong winds can be destructive in several ways. Wind can knock down tree limbs, throw yard debris up onto the roof, lift and loosen roofing material from the deck, and in extreme cases lift the roof. If a section of the roof has lifted or loosened, it can lead to the rest of the roof suffering similar damage and leaks. Have a licensed roofing contractor perform an inspection, clear any debris, and fasten down or replace loose material.

5 – Heat Damage

Texas is known for its extreme heat. In the summer of 2022, there were 58 days with temperatures above 100 degrees and that’s not including the heat index. Extreme heat can be just as devastating to your roof as snow is in the northern states. We’re a month away from the summer heat and many of our roofs may have been damaged by the recent storms. Extreme heat causes materials to expand which can compromise already damaged shingles, metal, flashings, and decking. Rain can also leak in if there is expansion that has created openings.

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6 – Hurricane Damage

Hurricane season this year starts on June 1st and goes through November 30th. Hurricanes aren’t just a coastal problem because they can also spawn tornados that will pop up in areas away from the coast. Hurricanes and tornadoes are highly destructive and unpredictable weather occurrences that are difficult to prepare for. Maintaining your roof, trimming tree limbs, boarding up windows, and fastening down outside furniture is about the only thing you can do to protect your house. The most important thing to protect is yourself; everything else can be repaired or replaced.

Unfortunately, winter starts after hurricane season ends and the whole process starts all over again. Regular roof inspections and maintenance are the best ways to properly take care of your roof and extend its strength and longevity. Contact Kresta Roofing for a free inspection, pictures, and a quote for roof repairs or replacement if you suspect damage to your roof. We can also help you through the insurance claims process if you have damage from severe storms. When you hire a professional roofing contractor like Kresta Roofing, you’re ensured that all our work is done right and comes with a warranty.

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