Hey Brandon potts her with Kresta roofing. so today we are looking at a leak. so this
lady has a very large tarp on the back of her roof. she wasn’t sure why it was leaking,
we came out and immediately discovered the reason it is leaking is because she has the
wrong type of roof on this house.

The leak is actually coming in right here where this
joint is from the steeper slope group to the low slope group. the low slope group is supposed
to have a modified bitumen on it, which looks like this. as you can see that has less areas
where the water can get in, its got fewer seams. compared to this 30 year laminate which
has seams every 6 inches.

it also has the wrong pipe fastenings on here. as you can
see the water can get stacked right it and it can get in the back side of this rubber
gasket. so when you are looking for a contractor to replace your roof make sure they know what
they are doing. we see this all the time here in San Antonio. For anything under a 212 pitch
you’re going to need a modified bitumen. Thanks.