Taking a walk down the beach on a hot summer day is much more enjoyable in a cool, light colored shirt. Many homeowners are initially geared to go with a darker roof because it increases curb appeal. Two important things to consider are what colors am I eligible to receive and also which colors provide the most reflectivity. It has been known for centuries that lighter colors are cooler colors due to their reflectivity. A white colored roof is typically not going to be as aesthetically pleasing as a darker roof but lighter colors will keep your attic cooler which in return will relieve some of the stress on your air conditioner in San Antonio’s warm climate. In colder climate areas, a darker roof would absorb more of the sunlight and help heat your home. 

Homeowner’s Associations are frequently very particular about what color roof you can have installed on your home. A trained roofing professional that has been through hundreds or thousands of roof installations will typically notice and bring the HOA rules your attention and have you verify your roof color selection with your HOA before repairs are made. The last thing you want is to have your new roof installed and then receiving a letter from your HOA stating that you’re in violation with their code resulting in the need for a new, different colored roof. 

The good news is that shingle, metal, and tile manufactures offer a large variety of colors to choose from. There are many neutral colors that are in the middle of the heat drawing colors and non-aesthetically pleasing colors. Before the installation of your new roof, you will be provided with a color chart where you and your roofing professional can make a decision together on what best meets your needs.